WPC-300 4.0 – Simpler and more efficient configuration and monitoring

WPC-300 4.0 – Simpler and more efficient configuration and monitoring

W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH has enhanced its intuittive configuration software to ease and accelerate start-up and diagnostics procedures even more. Generally software based solutions haven become an essential tool complementing screw drivers and voltmeters to reduce downtown during commissioning and maintenance phases. With WPC-300 I/O Data as well as target values can litterly be caught at the same time, together with oscilloscope showing and recrding live values. The software is compatible with all previpous and current versione of our products. So no trouble to find the compatible version to connect to an installed device. Download WPC

New GL certification for our best-selling power amplifier

New GL certification for our best-selling power amplifier

We have recently renewed the GL certification of PAM-199-P to comply with the latest requirements of contemporary marine applications in shipping and in offshore segments. The power amplifier is typically applied for control of directional, throttle and pressure valves, which require flexible adaptation. The integrated power amplifier with a short cycle time of 0,125 ms for the current loop is an inexpensive and space-saving solution. Its versatility allows to control typical proportional valves from various manufacturers with a minimum of commissioning effort.
Find the certificate here: GL-Certifikate PAM-199-P

Automatically the right pressure for your press

Automatically the right pressure for your press

The tried and tested made even better: MDR-337-P with commissioning assistant

Our MDR-137-P module has been tried and tested for years for pressure control in combination with proportional pressure valves or variable pumps and has been extremely successful. Now with the new MDR-337-P we can once again present a clear upgrade of the concept. New in this module is the function for characteristic-based pilot control and the commissioning assistant, which perfectly matches the pilot control to your application and also performs the controller optimization automatically.

For you as a user, this has tangible advantages:

You benefit from a really exact linearization …
… but have no additional effort!

You save the time that you would otherwise invest in setting the controller parameters …
… but have an excellent result immediately!

Would you like to learn more? Complete technical information is available here: Application Note AN-104

Or just contact one of our technicians:    Tel. +49-2163-577355-18 or email technics@w-e-st.de.

Application example for IO-Link power plug

Application example for IO-Link power plug




The Spinner company consistently relied on I/O-Link when designing the MIKROTURN series. A coherent wiring and shielding concept made the decision for I/O-Link easy for the medium-sized machine manufacturer. Especially in connection with the Spinner Touch surface “SPIOS” a perfect commissioning and diagnostic tool was created. All actuators/sensors can be parameterized and analyzed with the aid of the surface. In line with Industry 4.0, a complete database for signal exchange was created here. The I/O-Link valve amplifier from W.E.St. Elektronik enables the operator to optimally adjust the clamping pressure of the chuck to the clamping requirement. This is done comfortably via the user interface, but the pressure can also be “reprogrammed” variably by the NC program. The compact design of the valve amplifier and simple integration into the I/O-Link platform spoke in favor of the W.E.St. Elektronik.

IoT enabled allrounder for pressure regulation and positioning UHC-126-U

IoT enabled allrounder for pressure regulation and positioning UHC-126-U

The universal hydraulic controller with Profinet, Profibus or EtherCAT interface


This electronic module for position and pressure control is controllable via the Profinet/Profibus/EtherCAT interface and it can be integrated in the existing control system simply and quickly. Function blocs for the PLC S7 are available. The position controller was revised in order to fulfill special requirements. Best dynamics and highest position accuracy are the result of this development.

Technical Data: UHC-126-U

In addition to the standard positioning, the following options are implemented:

  • Direct control, at any time the command position can be changed via fieldbus
  • Rapid/creep speed for automatic drive of predefined profiles
  • Drift compensation for a correct zero-point adjustment, controllable via fieldbus
  • Accurate positioning to compensate positioning deviations caused by external forces
  • Stroke dependent deceleration or NC control
  • P or PT1 position controller, for stable and dynamic positioning
  • Acceleration feedback for stabilization of critically controlled axes
  • MR-Control function to linearize the hydraulic axis. An absolute linear behaviour, controlled by the robust MR function can be activated.
  • Simplified and intuitive parameterization

Additionally, a PQ pressure control function can be activated (with or without position control). In PQ mode, typically both pressures will be measured to build the differential pressure.


  • optimized PID controller
  • a dynamic integrator can be activated to minimize pressure overshoots
  • two switchable PID parameter sets

The interface to the PLC is a Profinet interface. In view of Industry 4.0, all command values and all feedback (process data) are available in the protocol. Parameterization of the module via the bus is also possible.

Power plug with IO-Link Interface – PAM-190-P-IO

Power plug with IO-Link Interface – PAM-190-P-IO


IO-Link, a universal and cost effective interface to control hydraulic valves (control valves and proportional valves).

Available! The IO LInk plug amplifier for proportional valves. The IO Link interface allows a seamless integration with the rest of your control solution and hences reduces to overall engineering effort to maintain various implementaion across the application. We will continue to expand the connectivity via IO Link. Next in line will be the amplifier version for control valves.


W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH – setup for future!

20 years after founding the W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH, Mr Ulrich Walter has decided to begin his well derserved retirement and to sell the company to new owners. This step has been very carefully prepared over the last months with the new owners, namely Thomas Helpenstein and the Swedex Holding GmbH. Based on that, we would also like to announce that Thomas Helpenstein will be named managing director of W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH, effective October 1st, 2019.

The Swedex Holding GmbH has established its market presence by the Swepro group for more than 30 years, as a specialized supplier of innovative and sophisticated pneumatic solutions including industrial tools and the broadest offering of air nozzles, complemented by electrostatic solutions. The Swepro group currently employees over 100 people in 13 countries globally.

Thomas Helpenstein has made his career in developing and marketing of industrial control device. He has held positions in engineering, product management and business management with global responsibility for a wide range of industrial components used for machinery automation and functional safety for machinery.

Affiliating with a solid corporate business offers a wide range of opportunities for collaboration and to leverage each other’s competencies and resources. With this and together with Thomas Helpenstein‘s broad experience we strongly believe that the W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH is very well prepared to foster our key competencies, evolve products and technologies and expand their distribution in future.

We will continue to focus on developing and expanding our offering of electronic control modules for hydraulic applications, especially complementing this offering by network based components to provide a contemporary solution for your hydraulic system with seamless integration with superior controls (PLC).

Customer loyalty and a close relationship has been and will be a key value for us. Therefore, the team and location of W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH will remain as is so that nothing changes for you! Please use the same contacts as usual and place your orders via email, fax or phone etc. as before.

Finally, we would like to thank Elke Walter and Ulrich Walter for the the last 20 years and wish all the best for their retirement!

INNOVATION: POS-323-P with commissioning wizard

INNOVATION: POS-323-P with commissioning wizard

The new module offers the possibility of implementing simple and inexpensive hydraulic positioning drives. The HIGHLIGHT is the automatic start-up assistant that makes commissioning considerably easier, as all essential characteristics are automatically measured and set. In addition, extensions were integrated, especially for the control of process valves.

  • much easier to start-up
  • very robust behavior     
  • Residual speed 
  • ACA for automatic commissioning

Power Point with integrated videos!