About W.E.St. Electronics

W.E.St. – more than just an electronics company

Founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship, we have evolved and established ourselves in the European market and beyond with the development and sale of special electronic modules for all – proportional controlled – hydraulic applications. The technologically-optimized solutions are based on many years of experience in the hydraulics field and have been further developed in close cooperation with our clients. We offer an extensive product line for all typical applications, from simple power amplifiers to p/Q regulated press control systems, up to multi-axis closed loop synchronization control systems. Custom developments for the clients are one of the strengths and many products for our well-known hydraulic manufacturers are being equipped with “brand labels”. Premium quality, extremely short delivery times, flexibility, as well as fast assistance in case of emergencies – without the usual red tape – is what keeps the customers very satisfied. Besides electronic products, W.E.St. Elektronik GmbH also offers competent support in the application of proportional control valves, starting with the calculation of the axis up to the simulation of the entire control system.

Application areas

The sophisticated design does not only address one specific application area but rather focuses on the universal use. Although, emphasis is put on industrial applications, however, the power amplifiers can be found in mobile as well as in marine applications (GL approval).


The wide range of products can be divided into the following categories:

  • Analog and digital power amplifiers, universally adaptable, for the control of various proportional control valves. The completely digital modules distinguish themselves through their high flexibility and fault diagnosis.
  • Positioning modules, which are optimized for fast moving cycles and highly dynamic control systems.
  • Pressure controlling with pressure valves, control valves and variable displacement pumps with simple and robust control behavior.
  • Synchronization modules for synchronized control systems in bypass or as a synchronized position control system with integrated pressure limitation control (optional use).
  • Control systems for various displacement and servo pumps.
  • Fieldbus connections for the most of our control modules. The products support CAN Bus, Profibus, PROFINET, EtherCAT and various Ethernet versions.


In addition to selling our products, we also provide all essential services around them.

  • Development of custom electronics according to your specification
  • Production planning and electronics production
  • Calculation and simulation of hydraulic systems
  • Training for our standard products as well as training for special subjects