Universal function modules

Demand signal modules, digitally programmable or via potentiometer adjustable, and standard control modules


Digital demand signal module, alternatively with power output stage

Typical applications:

  • rapid traverse and creeping speed
  • selectable velocities and pressure values
  • flow curve adjustments
  • ramp generation and analog signal monitoring
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This electronic module was designed to control hydraulic proportional valves. 16 programmable demand values and relating ramp times are selectable by four digital switching inputs (binary coded). Additionally, a scalable analog command input with own ramp function is available, too. Alternatively, a 4Q-ramp can be parameterized. The ramp generator is realized with optional jerk limitation which allows flexible adjustments depending on the applications and soft behavior. A programmable function allows linking the analog input signal and the internal demand values together by different mathematical operations. This module is adaptable to nearly all proportional valves by deadband compensation as step function for characteristic linearization. Proportional valves with integrated or external electronics can be controlled by the universal analog output of the standard device. For controlling valves without electronics, the extended version with power stage is provided.





Demand signal module

Typical applications:

  • analog generating of demand values by digital inputs
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Via four digital inputs, four by potentiometer adjustable demand values can be selected. For the supply of external potentiometers a reference voltage (10 V) is available. Another digital input allows switching the polarity of the output signal. Only one value can be active at the same time. If more than one input is activated, the highest priority is selected. If there is no input activated, an external voltage signal can be connected through to the output. This feature enables cascading of those modules.