All-rounder for pressure and positioning tasks

All-rounder for pressure and positioning tasks

The UHC-126-U-PFN control module for position and pressure controls can be controlled via Profinet, Profibus or EtherCAT and thus offers quick and easy integration into the existing machine control.
Function blocks for the S7 are available. The position controller has been revised to meet special requirements. Best dynamics and highest positioning accuracy are the result of this development.

In addition to the standard position control, the following options are implemented:

  • Direct control, the target position can be changed at any time via the fieldbus
  • Rapid / creep speed for automatic departure from predefined profiles
  • Drift compensation for a correct zero point setting, controllable via the fieldbus
  • Fine positioning to compensate for position errors caused by external influences (external forces)
  • Path-dependent braking or NC control
  • P or PT1 position controller for stable and dynamic positioning
  • Acceleration feedback to stabilize critical axes
  • MR-Control function for linearizing the hydraulic axis. An absolute linear behavior controlled by the robust MR function can be activated
  • Simplified and intuitive parameterization
  • Optionally also with EtherCAT

In addition, a PQ pressure control function can be activated (with or without position controller). In PQ mode, both pressures are typically measured to form the differential pressure.


  • optimized PID controller
  • Dynamically activatable integrator to minimize pressure overshoots
  • Two switchable PID parameter sets

The interface to the PLC is a Profinet interface. With a view to Industry 4.0, all target values and all feedback (process data) are available in the log. The module can also be parameterized via the bus.