Automatically the right pressure for your press

Automatically the right pressure for your press

The tried and tested made even better: MDR-337-P with commissioning assistant

Our MDR-137-P module has been tried and tested for years for pressure control in combination with proportional pressure valves or variable pumps and has been extremely successful. Now with the new MDR-337-P we can once again present a clear upgrade of the concept. New in this module is the function for characteristic-based pilot control and the commissioning assistant, which perfectly matches the pilot control to your application and also performs the controller optimization automatically.

For you as a user, this has tangible advantages:

You benefit from a really exact linearization …
… but have no additional effort!

You save the time that you would otherwise invest in setting the controller parameters …
… but have an excellent result immediately!

Would you like to learn more? Complete technical information is available here: Application Note AN-104

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